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Content Marketing: Are You Using It?

So, you’ve got a shiny new business and you want to market it online, huh?  Have you considered content marketing?  You should be and here’s why.

Remember back in the day when companies would mail advertisements to everyone in the country and would pray someone would feel compelled enough to purchase a product?

I remember those days.  And I remember exactly where those advertisements would be filed in our house– the trash.

Today, pop-up ads on the Internet are the equivalent of paper sales ads from back in the day.  They’re useless.

These days, customers are now flocking to the Internet to look for advice and information on products or services they are interested in buying.  Do you know what those customers are reading and using to make their purchasing decisions?

Blog posts.  Articles.  Social media posts from friends and influencers.  Podcasts.  Videos.

Content.  Customers are reading, watching, and listening to content. (more…)

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