About Cassie

I’m Cassie. I’m a freelance writer from Southwest Virginia.

I’ve always had a knack for writing.  I can thank my mother for that one.  Mom, the ever amusing story-teller, has always been the one to encourage my sisters and me to be as descriptive in our writing as we can.  “It doesn’t have to be boring!”, she would say. She is right, of course, like all mothers are.

Your content (and life!) don’t have to be boring.  And shouldn’t be!

Do you need a little extra uumph on your website?  Is your content coming off to readers as blah?  Do you want, no, NEED help?

No worries! I’ve got you covered.

Those skills Mom instilled in me when I was a kid weren’t meant to be wasted.  And you can use my writing skills to your advantage.

If you want a dazzling blog post, crafty content, an informative article, a detailed technical report, a white paper or case study, a professional press release, a sly ghost written piece, or any other type of literary work you can think of, shoot me an email at somethingofascribbler@gmail.com.